In this painting, Joseph Minton has depicted hope by using bold lines, dramatic color and melancholy subject matter. He is known for only using red, black, white and blue colors in his paintings. This art piece is a darker view of life as the painter has painted images of mankind in its most fragile and exposed states. The artists painting at first glance may appear dark, morose or unpleasant to some; but after closer examination its true beauty is revealed as one considers the complexity and delicate nature of the emotions conveyed through his works.

Drawing Nearer by Joseph Minton

According to this painting, artist believes that to have the hope of surviving is the most important component of surviving alone in the wilderness. There is no such thing as a hopeless situation. Every single circumstance of your life can change. When you lose hope in life you give up the same with surviving when you lose hope you give up and eventually die. No matter how hard life can be, one should never stop trying and think positive, and never let people bring him down. There is always hope.

Always hope for better no matter what you are going through. Hoping is better than giving up; at least you have something to look forward to and that hope shall give you the strength to move forward and make it to the highest places in the right time.

Here is the replica of Drawing Nearer I made to hang it on my wall.

Replica of “Drawing Nearer”

Drawing Nearer according to artist himself:

Often times I hear people say that my art is either dark, sad or somber. In many situation that is true, but not in all. For instance this painting is about hope; hope that there is some great reward for living life in a good manner when so many others do not. Hope that God or some great entity will provide us with what we so desperately long for. Shouldn’t we be rewarded? Have we not paid our tolls with sadness, loneliness and depression? How much more do we owe? It seems only fitting that the good should be rewarded for sacrifices they make. It is so easy to do wrong. This is my depiction of that hope that we hang on to even though we have no guarantee that we will ever receive the satisfaction that we desire.


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