Today we will take a look at MI ROBOT BUILDER, a cool robot by Xiaomi, which you can build by assembling almost thousands of individual pieces. The box consists of two motors (1&2), intelligent brick, storage box, adapter, building bricks and Instruction Manual. It has 978 white, orange, black and grey pieces.

It is an ingenious combination of parts assembly, mechanics, electronics and programming, there is no secret that the design of the parts is similar with LEGO mind-storms. It is more alike advance Lego where you can program the things you actually build. If you are a big fan of Lego and like to put together the giant puzzles together, you are going to love it.

Its main engine is powered by Cortex Mx 32 bit processor with a battery life up-to 12 hours. The intelligent brick has microphone and speaker as well and power on buttons. It is self balancing and comes with some cool features.

It took me almost 5 hours to built it. It is not hard but a really time consuming process. So you are gonna need a lot of patience. The MI Robot Building manual has easy instructions to follow. The manual is long but clearly illustrated. If you don’t like robots you can also build dinosaur and aircraft with the help of building manual which you can download from their app.

MI Robot

Once you are done building your robot install the app. Connecting your Robot with your mobile is very simple you just have to turn on Bluetooth. You can control and program your robot with the help of your smartphone by downloading Mi Robot App. The application is highly detailed and easy to use. You have all this options from movement to programming.

You can pick from couple of different options. First, we have the path mode; you can draw a path on your screen and have your robot follow it. You can also switch to rocker mode this let you control your robot movement with two buttons and there is also a rocket button that will make the robot turn and rotate its missile arms. You can also control your robot with gyroscope. The best feature I think is its ability to code within their app. If you are completely new to programming, don’t be scared! It is just a drag and drop coding that will help your robot learn new tricks in no time and they also have programming tutorials.

It is an investing and insanely great product, your kids will love it or you can order one for yourself but if you are someone who doesn’t like programming you can just go for simple Lego.


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