6th September is the day when the enemy struck in the dark, knowing little he had annoyed a lion; a living nation. The nation was solid in its resolve to defend the motherland. It stood firm behind Armed Forces. Indians forgot that armies can be outrun but not nations. The valor of soldiers blasting away the enemy tanks with bombs tied to their bodies was a scene the sky seldom sees. The differences of caste, color and creed were nowhere to be seen. Mothers gave away their jewelry for the future of their children. It was a test of resolve. Many thought Pakistan would not sustain the onslaught. But Pakistan was made to stay by the grace of the Almighty. This Motherland of ours has been irrigated by the blood of Martyrs. The people had fresh memories of partition and knew Pakistan was their only abode. The Army and Air Force showed numerous acts of bravery that are still cherished. Today on this September 6 we all pledge that we shall never disgrace the blood of our Martyrs.

Vector Portraits of Recipients of Nishan-e-Haider Illustrated by Zubaria Fakhar


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