The beautiful valley of Kalash, surrounded by the mountains of Hindukush, lies in district Chitral of north Pakistan and the people are known because of their unique culture. The Kalash valley is attractive for tourists outside the Pakistan as well as inside.

I have always been so fascinated by these people and loved reading about them, specially whenever I saw the videos and photographs of their unique culture, festivals, marriage dances, death places and a unique way to bury the dead people, It always filled my mind and heart with curiosity.

Before sharing my experience in Kalash, I would first tell you the people of Kalasha lives in 3 different places which are Bumburet, Rumbur and Birui. All the places are in district Chitral but they are little far from each other. I got a chance to visit Bumburet Valley where the people of kalasha are found to be the most.

I heard the Bumburet valley road is not in a good condition so I decided to travel locally and began my journey with a 27-years-old driver Waqar, who is driving in these areas for the past 10 years. We reached Ayun Valley from Chitral city, till Ayun valley the road was quite good but as we crossed the valley the mud road started which was a single lane road and it was quite difficult for the other cars to pass by at the same time. I witnessed the road side along with flowing river the beauty of nature is at its peak and the fresh air of that area feels so fresh.

Kalash Valley Chitral - (4)
Burial Place of Kalasha People. Photo:

When I reached my destination, I noticed their homes were made of wood, they have special places for their festivals, a place where mother give birth to her child after marriage (No man was allowed to visit that house and woman can’t meet her husband till the birth of new born). Female have equal rights there, they can do business, cultivate crops, create handmade items etc. Their old trend of leaving dead bodies in graveyard is changing. Now they bury them like Muslim.

During my Kalash tour, I observed few things, people are getting educated which is really a positive change, Muslims and kalash people are now living as one community and I found a mosque there. Both communities take care of each other and protect each other.

If you are planning to visit kalash valley, I will suggest you to go to their museum, which is made by Spanish zoologist named JORDI FEDRICO MAGRANER. It will teach you the history of Kalash and the living style of Kalash people which is rarely seen in 21st century.

Well considering the pros and cons, there is one thing I feel that need to be highlighted. Some insensitive individuals are damaging the Kalasha community and tourist impression by not only making wrong comments about their female community but doing many other unacceptable actions. So, I would request you all to protect our minorities and respect their privacy and culture as they are one of us and the people of kalash represent the country internationally and they are the pride of Pakistan.


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