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Drawing Nearer by Joseph Minton

In this painting, Joseph Minton has depicted hope by using bold lines, dramatic color and melancholy subject matter. He is known for only using...

Creative Eid-Al-Adha 2019 Wishes

Pakistanis are celebrating Eid-Al-Adha or "Feast of Sacrifice" with their friends and family today to commemorates the Prophet Ibrahim's test, who was ready to...

Happy Eid ul Adha 2019

May Allah (s.w.t) accept your sacrifices and Duas and may He showers His blessings on you and your family. Please make sure to include...

Don’t Ignore Traffic Sign

What will happen if we don't follow traffic rules.

Impact of Communication Technology

Technology has dramatically touched our lives. Our forefathers lived life much like their ancestors. But now we see every generation is experiencing life, changed from what its predecessors experienced. Not only there are changes coming over the time but the rate of change has itself accelerated. In addition, we are coming across more and more novel experiences that are entirely new.

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