Don’t Be A Trashy

Comic Strip By Zubaria Fakhar

Education – A Business?

Education industry has become a business these days.

Islamabad Food Photography

ISLAMABAD FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY BY ASIM MEHMOOD. Mr. Asim Mehmood is a Collector, Gamer and a Photographer.

Dumb Ways To Die In PUBG

Here are 3 self-tested dumb ways to die in PUBG. 1) Lay down and...

Weeeee! Spaghetti is <3

Cartoon by Zubaria Fakhar

Mullah Nasruddin & His Donkey

Cartoon by Zubaria Fakhar

Foodie Da Vinci

Cartoon by Zubaria Fakhar

Rendering Is Annoying

When you're rendering a scene and scream at it to hurry up because its taking forever.