Remember the time before selfies and social networking sites when we left a school we used an autograph diary or signed each other’s shirt to say goodbye to our friends and teachers? Today I found my long lost autograph diary from school days. It was filled with autographs, silly verses and personal notes from my school teachers and friends.

Flipping through it’s pages brought back so many great memories. It was like reliving the past, all over again. Here are some of my favorite autographs:

May you always be wrapped in God’s grace protected. Ameen. With Best Wishes. Samina Sarwar 31st March 2011
Zubaria, you have been an obedient and hardworking student who showed good result frequently and I hope and pray you always get success in your future endeavors.
Zindagi ka har lamha is soch kay sath guzaro kay kahin Allah aur os kay Rasool Ki Na-farmani na hojaye. Allah apko khusho abad rakhay. Sir Ateeq ur Rehman. 31/3/2011
Kon kya hai tumhein khud he pata chal jaye ga wakt pay kabhi doston ko azma kay dekhna. Ashir Azeem
Kala Kala da ghamano dawrane kh v, khpel pradie p k molum she a rakhmana (Rehman Baba) Sir Imran Khan 17/03/011
I disagree with people who think you learn more by getting beat up that you do from winning. Muhammad Sarfaraz
May Allah be your protector in field of life. May your life be prosper and full of pleasures. Have very good time to come.
I wish you a successful life and bright future.
Keep smiling and Remember me in your prayers.
Payari Zubaria, Namaz parha karo Allah Kamyabiyun Say nawazay ga. Dua go, Ghazala 11/06/10
Always keep in mind that obedient and respectful students (like you) get prayers of their elders and students. So, our prayers are for your better future and successful life. Best Wishes.
Ship is always safe at the shore but it is not made for it.So don’t limit yourself nd always take risks. Because Success in Life is beyond risks. Keep Smiling.
Best of Luck for your bright future. signed Ms. Amna
May the hurdles, difficulties and hard times of your life can lead you towards a very very very successful LIFE! BEST OF LUCK! Signed Uzma
Dear Student, stay happy always . Signed Ms. Jabeen
My dear Zubaria! Self Confidence is the first step to success in life. Good Luck. Naheed Anjum. 04.02/09
Zindagi yun guzarien kay dil mein muhabbat mustafa , amaal mein sunnat mustafa ho. sath dua karein kay “Aye Allah! hoz-e-kausar par jam-e-mustafa, pul saraat par daman-e-mustafa, akhrat mein shafaat mustafa, janat mein rafaqat-e-mustafa ata farma. Ameen”


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