Germany is undoubtedly one of the global leader in high quality education especially attuned for international students. Hence, it come to students as a natural choice in view for their desire for international studies with a cross cultural exposure.

This rich experience exposes students to innovative ideas, diverse views, country dynamics and versatile solutions.

According to a research, about 12 percent of the students in Germany are from abroad. The diversity of students help them grow and come across different mindsets.

The best thing about Germany is that this is no or less tuition fee in Public Universities. One can study in Germany without getting worried about the tuition fee as compared to Australia, Canada & United States where students have to pay big amount for their studies and they have to manage 2 or 3 jobs along their studies.

In order to study in Germany you don’t have to be fluent in German language. There are number of courses being offered there, which are entirely taught in English.

Germany is more suitable for students having engineering background as compared to other disciplines, only if you are interested in working there after completing your studies. This doesn’t mean that if you don’t have engineering background then you shouldn’t go for Germany for long-term plan. In this case you have to gain German language skills and this will be the key to all your problems.

Even if you don’t want to work in Germany, having basic knowledge of German language will help you communicate with others, otherwise you may feel like an alien. So it is advisable that before you go to Germany learn some basic German.

Degree attained from Germany is worldwide accepted and German Institutes are highly respected all over the world. The teaching faculty are highly qualified and experienced. Choosing Germany for higher studies is one of the best option as the Universities in Germany not only provide theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge.

Germany also provide financial assistance to International students having excellent academic records in terms of scholarship. Such students are eligible for a numerous scholarship programmes to finance their studies in Germany. The DAAD or German Academic Exchange Service is one of the biggest scholarship organisations in the world.

The cost of living in Germany is also quite reasonable and affordable as compared to other countries in European Union. Students in Germany can enjoy a variety of concessions. Entry fees to various institutions and buildings, such as theaters and museums are low for students.

Germany is one of the most beautiful country in Europe. It has a rich historical heritage, natural wonders and modern metropolises make Germany an ideal tourism destination.

Germany is a heaven for international students, who are serious about their studies. One can complete his or her education without getting stressful about tuition fee or high cost of living. Most of the courses are entirely taught in English. For competent students there are number of scholarships. There is a huge diversity of students so it is one of the best place to get cross cultural exposure. Apart from studies one have the best opportunity to explore Germany as well as the entire Europe.


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