The air forces of China and Pakistan  are carrying out realistic operations very close to the real-combat environment with the best equipment in the ongoing joint annual exercise ‘Shaheen-VIII’ aimed at enhancing their combat capability in northwest China on Friday,

The joint training, code-named “Shaheen (eagle) VIII,” is the eighth of its kind between the two countries since it was first launched in March 2011.

A Chinese military observer said today, the joint training plays an important role in enhancing both sides’ combat capability and helping them learn from each other through confrontation.

Senior Colonel Du Wenlong said in an interview with ‘China Military’ in Beijing that based on the training progress so far, the Pakistani side has rich real-combat experience, while the Chinese side boasts advanced weapon and equipment systems and various cutting-edge technologies.

The annual joint training does not target any third party, and aims to improve training standards of the two air forces through mutual learning, the sources said.


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