Literally, I am writing about a convict Maryam Safdar Nawaz Sharif, a Vice president of PMLN, who is on the bail, makes me a little livid, as she has been given an unfair lime light by the media. Here is a quote pop up in my mind by Mother Jones:

“I asked a man in prison once how he happened to be there and he said he has stolen a pair of shoes.  I told him if he stolen a railroad he would be US senator.” Isn’t this best fittingly applicable in our country? ”

Anyways, due to her infinite and undeclared properties and bank accounts, Maryam always manages to be in news. Today she was summoned by NAB team along with her two brothers Hassan Nawaz and Hussain Nawaz in the Chaudhry Sugar Mills case.

She was welcomed by PMLN by workers in front of NAB door. However both brothers failed to appear as they are living away from Pakistan. She was questioned about this heavy sum and how it had transferred from Dubai to her account. Most of questions went unanswered whereas she which she responded; “I Don’t Know” or “Ask Mian Sharif and Abbas Sharif”. However both men have expired already.

NAB team pointed out it was unbelievable that she had no information of such a huge transactions. The NAB has traced numerous TTs (telegraphic transfers) by Sharif family whereas the end beneficiaries were Maryam and other owners of Chaudhry Sugar Mills allegedly. This case has been corroborated by the investigations about money laundering being carried out against Shahbaz Sharif and Hamza Shahbaz Sharif.

After returning to home, she jumped towards her twitter account and ink down her experience at NAB in these words.

Back from NAB. Told them the questions about family business have been asked & answered a zillion times & nothing found even by agenda-driven JIT. But since the aim is to use NAB as a tool to harass & victimize, the theatre of the absurd continues

The fact of matter is she has not given a satisfactory answers to even a single question. Therefore, she will be summoned on August 8, 2019 again. A questionnaire is also handed over to her to be submitted before next hearing.


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