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Taliban attack kills 14 in Kabul, Afghanistan

The UN Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has expressed its outrage at a Taliban attack in Kabul, that led to “scores” of civilians casualties on...

Zero Tolerance Policy to ensure Smuggling Eradication in Pakistan: Ijaz Shah

While heading a meeting on Anti-Smuggling at Ministry of Interior along with Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs, Ali Zaidi, the federal Minister for Interior said that Smuggling is a serious problem faced in Pakistan and the sole purpose of formation of this committee is to ensure that this menace can be eradicated.

Pakistan Customs enhanced operations at Pak-Afghan Border

In compliance with the directions of Prime Minister of Pakistan, the Pakistan Customs has deputed additional staff at Torkham border to facilitate trade and expedite clearance of baggage and cargo.

Three blasts in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul, kills dozens

At least 15 people were killed in three attacks in Afghanistan's capital Kabul, with one bomb hitting a bus carrying government employees.

PM Imran Khan’s US visit, most successful for Business community

They said that it would not only help settling many financial difficulties but also projecting good image of Pakistan in abroad.

Levies Force captures unknown origin spy drone in Balochistan

The drone was spotted few miles away from Reko Diq (gold) mine, The investigation had been launched by the the authorities to identify the origin country that used the unmanned aerial vehicle in the Pakistani border.

Blast at Kabul University kills 6 wounds 27

Blast at Kabul University, Afghanistan killed 6 & wounded 27. This incident took places near university premises in Afghanistan's capital, Kabul on Friday.

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