You know how they say, “Reading seriously damages your ignorance”. Well, today we found out that they were not kidding when they said so. Not at all.

Perhaps it’s a bit too late to be sharing these words of wisdom, for the Vice President of PML-N paid no heed to what she was about to tweet earlier today.

Maryam Nawaz posted and later deleted a tweet where she shared the images from a bunch of newspaper articles on the Government’s Budget. One of the articles titled ‘Pakistan’s budget has lost credibility: World Bank’ which totally went her caption “The real performance of the incompetent and incapable ones”

Image: Twitter

What she failed to realize (because apparently she didn’t realize how important ‘reading’ can be in life) is whom she was calling ‘nalaiq aur na ehl’ (incapable and incompetent).

The big oops moment was rooted in the fact that the World Bank Report that she chose to share referred to the budgets presented during the tenure of her father Nawaz Shareef between the fiscal years of 2016-18. The 2016-17 and 2017-18 budgets were the ones that according to the World Bank report caused a loss in Pakistan’s credibility.

It said that the World Bank report findings “reflect extremely poor performance of the Ministry of Finance that failed to carry out its responsibility and let the fiscal rules [be] violated”.

Yes! You got that right. She happened to be referring to her own father and his ruling team then as ‘nalaiq aur na ehl’ (incapable and incompetent).

The moment she realized the blunder i.e. it all referred to the tenure of her beloved father Nawaz Shareef, she immediately took the tweet down.

Samaa TV covered the story as the Breaking News.

Ali Salman Alvi called out on her in his tweet.

Anyway, the lesson we can take from this incident is to never put up a post/tweet on social media before having read it.

Thanks to Miss. Nawaz, now we all know reading seriously damages one’s ignorance.


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