After 11 years, British automaker’s Lotus revealed their first all-new vehicle Evija, pronounced as ‘ ev-eye-a’. The Evija is an electric supercar of 1,900 horsepower with a price tag exceeding $2 million.

The Lotus Electric Hypercar weighs less than 3,700 pounds, enabling it to sprint from zero to sixty two mph in three seconds. Its target specs conjointly cowl 186 mph in nine seconds and over two hundred mph. the general golf range of the midmounted two,000kw battery are going to be 250 miles on one charge— a energy pack eight times higher than the formula e race vehicle.

Five drive modes are offered below the hood: vary, town, tour, sport and track. The vehicle utilizes a 350kw charging system that needs twelve minutes to charge the vehicle at 80% complete and eighteen minutes complete charging.The company claims the evija can accept an 800kw charge that will allow the battery to be fully replenished in just nine minutes if it is commercially accessible.


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