NEW YORK, Sep 12 (APP/DailyLife.PK):With India’s military crackdown continuing unabated in curfew-bound Jammu and Kashmir, Human Rights Watch, a prominent international watchdog body, has cautioned members of the U.S. Congress against participating in a rally in Houston, Texas, on Sept 22, which is being organized by Indian-Americans to welcome Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The event, called “Howdy, Modi!”, will take place ahead of the Indian premier’s APP/DailyLife.PKearance at the UN General Assembly session in New York later this month. It reportedly includes a segment purporting to honour human rights champions like M.K Gandhi and American civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

“Modi presided over the worst anti-Muslim violence in the last generation, in 2002 in Gujrat when he was the chief minister of the state,” Brad Adams, who heads the Asia Division of Human Rights Watch, was quoted as saying in The Daily Beast, an American news and opinion website focused on politics.


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