In today’s world, it would be silly not to take advantage of the advancement of technology, not only for entertainment but also for useful purposes. People increasingly began to invest in the use of technology for medical purposes. At the moment there are many devices and gadgets, produced in different parts of the world. In this article we collected the most interesting of them.

Quell – eliminator of pain interfering with sleep.

People with chronic pain in any parts of the body can now sleep well. Quell is a small plate neuro simulator mounted in an elastic bandage. The impulses sent by the device will help block non-appeasing pain. The signals that the device sends are completely harmless to human health. At the moment, there are almost no analogues among existing gadgets. Of course, it is worthwhile to start with the cause of the pain itself (food, bad habits, etc.), and when everything is clear and the decision is made to change the lifestyle for the better, you should use a smart device to alleviate the circumstances.

“Smart patch”, which prevents pain.

We feel pain due to the fact that our brain receives information about it. American specialist in bio engineering, Sean Rahimi, created a patch that drowns out signals from the damaged area to the brain. Cur is a small plaster that attaches to the site of pain. You can adjust the intensity of the gadget using a smartphone.

Innovative Stethoscope

Such a device as a stethoscope is a common thing for a doctor and incomprehensible for other people. The creators of the device Stethee want to facilitate the work of such a device to help ordinary patients. The gadget is a miniature “weight” with lighting. Applying Stethee to the chest, the gadget transmits all the collected data to the smartphone, where they line up in a graph. After that, the schedule is transmitted to special servers. If the device starts to turn orange, it indicates that you need to see a specialist.

Embrace – epilepsy is now under control.

A device called Embrace will be useful for people suffering from epilepsy. The gadget has a sensor that measures the galvanic charge of the skin (usually during a seizure, this indicator increases), a thermometer to measure the temperature and a gyroscope to monitor the position of the falls. During a seizure, the guardian’s smartphone receives a signal from the patient’s location. In the future, when collecting the necessary data, it will be possible to determine the reasons for the attacks.

Gadget for counting calories eaten

Created by the American scientist Edward Sazonov, the gadget is able to automatically determine your food and independently calculate the calories eaten. The device is a kind of Bluetooth-headset. It has a camera and a sensor to determine the movement of the lower jaw.

Home medical mini-laboratory

Cambridge Consultants presented the concept of a miniature home lab. The gadget is called Flow Health Hub. It combines several cartridges for analyzing various indicators and the “hub” that performs the analysis. All results are displayed on a color screen.

Philips BlueControl

The guys from Philips created a device for the treatment of psoriasis. It is called BlueControl. The principle of operation of the gadget is quite simple – a small round disk with 40 blue LEDs, mounted on a bandage on the affected skin. Glow helps to slow cell reproduction, which prevents further development of the disease.

CarePredict – ongoing care for the elderly

The CarePredict system, consisting of a small wall base and a bracelet, is designed to track the condition and action of a person living in a house. All received data is stored in an online account that you can monitor regularly.

Night Shift – painless struggle with snoring

The American company Advanced Brain Monitoring created a kind of “collar” designed to solve the problem of snoring people. Night Shift begins to vibrate when a person is lying on his back. The device is quite tiny, so it does not interfere with sleep. The gadget has the ability to pair with a smartphone to monitor the quality of sleep.

“Antiallergenic” gadget from Allergia Medical

A company from the USA called Allergia Medical has developed a device to help fight allergies. The principle of the gadget is to use a powerful light source. By inserting a tip with a lamp into your nostril, and including it, you will forget about the discomfort delivered by allergies for a whole day. According to the manufacturers, light can suppress the activity of antioxidant enzymes in blood vessels.


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