Demonstrators protest against the scrapping of the special constitutional status in Kashmir by the Indian government, outside the Indian High Commission in London, Britain, August 15, 2019. REUTERS/Henry Nicholls

India’s decision of illegally revoking the Article 370 and 35A of the Indian constitution, scrapping the special status given to the Muslim-majority state of Indian occupied Kashmir (IOK), along with a strict curfew, communications blackout has caused fury around the globe. Countless protests have been held in various parts of the globe ever since.

Activists rallied in Washington DC wearing red to symbolize their support for Kashmir. Demonstrators protested in Toronto and New York with banners saying “Self determination is the only solution”

In response Pakistan decided to downgrade diplomatic ties and suspend bilateral trade with India, observe the Indian Independence day as ‘Black Day’. Additionally, it plans to take the issue to the UN Security Council.

A week after India’s illegal decision, thousands of people protested flooding the streets of London, outside the Indian High Commission. Demanding the end of Kashmir’s occupation by India, protesters held and waved Pakistani and Kashmiri flags, carried banners saying “Modi is a Fascist”, “Kashmir Bleeds”, “Modi = Hitler”, “Modi: Make Tea Not War”, “Kashmir is burning”,  “Justice for Kashmir”.

One of the protestors told CNN that she has not been able to get in touch with her parents in Indian-controlled Kashmir for the past 12 days.

“Because India has put the entire population of Kashmir… under lock-down and curfew,” she told CNN. “I don’t know whether my parents have medicine or food — my mother is a diabetic, she is on insulin,” she added.

According to Reuters, a British pensioner of Kashmiri origin Amin Tahir said “We want to show our solidarity with our Kashmiri brothers,”

“Since 1947 Kashmir has been struggling to be free from India. Now Modi has changed the law by force to stop Kashmir’s autonomy,” he added.

A number of speeches from these protests have been shared over the social media.

Muzzammil Ayyub – Director of The Justice Foundation of Kashmir Institute of International Affairs shared a tweet to show the world of the misery that the Kashmiris are being subjected to. The video showed a 62 years old man whose wife suffered from diabetes. His son lives in Oman, whom he hasn’t  been able to talk to since 10 days.

Anwar Lodhi, a UK-based journalist, and a former Columnist at Jang also joined the protests in London. He shared a photo of the Turkish supporters that joined the protest in support of Kashmir.

While he said he was pleased to see Turkish brothers supporting the cause, he also pointed out that Hussain Nawaz’s sister had been causing a fuss regarding the IOK matter, whereas Hussain himself sent out tweets criticizing PM Imran Khan regarding the IOK matter. But he was nowhere to be seen in the protests held in London in support of the IOK. Neither was the Noble Peace Prize winner Malala present. He added Ishaq Dar, Hassan Nawaz, none of the PPP, ANP and Jamaat e Islami members were to be seen participating in the protests to stand for Kashmiris.

Asad Umar shared the view “outside foreign office for Black Day before going to the UN office for submission of resolution .”

Image courtesy: Reuters, Facebook @StandforKashmir


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