Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s unilateral declaration of scraping special status of Jammu and Kashmir will not only trigger more conflicts in the region but the escalating tension in Kashmir will bring severe challenges to India’s security as well.

The decision triggered Pakistan’s dissatisfaction and has added much uncertainty to regional conditions, according to an article published by Global Times on Thursday.

Noting that Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has vowed to fight India’s Kashmir move, the newspaper commented that Modi has been using India-Pakistan conflicts to consolidate the BJP’s ruling status and win the Indian people’s hearts.

Modi and his BJP have been hyping nationalism in the country. During the 2019 India general elections, the BJP had already pledged to scrap Kashmir’s special status. And about three months after Modi’s overwhelming victory in May, it seems that the BJP is rushing to fulfill its promise. Nationalism is again successfully whipped up in India.


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