Google Maps is reportedly planning to add a new feature to its service to highlight brightly lit streets to help user move safely to their home. Google is said to add a new layer to lit the street and make it safer for its users to drive. The lit streets will be shown in yellow color to distinguish it from the dark streets. The functionality was found in the beta version of the app’s APK teardown. It’s uncertain if Google is going to make it live in public version of the app.

Google has also developed other new cool features for people who are new to a place or tourists. Google Maps added a new translation feature in November that allows a phone to voice the name and address of a place in the local lingo to help them communicate with the locals. In addition, Google Maps will now also directly link the user to the Google Translate app for deeper conversations beyond addresses and location names.

Google Maps also announced a feature that would allow users to follow Local Guides for recommendations. Users can then see the recommendations of the Local Guide on Google Maps. You can find top local guides in the Google Maps app category for you.


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