As someone who likes to get to work daily in comfort, I prefer Careem over Uber and local Taxi due to security, their well-mannered captains, prompt response of their helpline and Thanda Thanda AC. These online car booking apps have been nothing less than a blessing especially for the people like me who don’t know how to drive or don’t own a car. Metro is also a suitable conveyance but admit it, reaching Metro Bus Stops is too hectic and getting a seat is way too difficult.

Today on my way back home, I booked the Careem ride happily not only because It was off time but also there were no peak charges which rarely happens considering the recent increase in Careem Fare. I applied the discount code, and the expected charges were below 200 Rs. I reached home in almost 25 minutes. The ride receipt gave me a mini heart attack. THEY CHARGED ME 431 RS (excluding the 80 Rs discount) on a 200 Rs ride.

Here is the screenshot of the fare breakdown: (From Bahria Town To Lalkurti)

At first, I thought the miscalculated the fare rate but when I read the receipt carefully, I noticed they have mentioned Islamabad Gandhara Airport Surcharges and Tollgate which wasn’t even a part of my route. It is on the opposite side as you can see below:

I contacted Careem Helpine and received a quick response. There were some issues with Captain’s careem app which sent an incorrect GPS data to Careem system and led to a miscalculation of the ride KM. They refunded me the exrtra charge of 283 Rs back.

See, told you.. CAREEM HELPLINE IS GREAT but they need to fix their app like they fixed my problem to improve the quality of their service and to ensure no one else has to face this issue again. If you guys use Careem, you should always check the fare breakdown when you think you are being over charged and email the Careem Helpline right away. They are super active unlike Uber.


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