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Don’t Real People Need More Attention?

Television has destroyed communication among families. Before TV, meals were a time for families to reflect upon the day and linger in peace or...

Is Pakistani Media Playing A Responsible Role In Today’s World?

Media continues to play a dominating role in shaping public perception. Pakistani media has grown rapidly in the last few years. It is felt however that it has yet to mature out mere profiteering into a national pillar. Lack of accountability and political interference has badly affected the transparency of media. Profiteering has led to obscenity and vulgarity and in extreme cases treason. A serious effort to cure the media is required to curb it of its vices and utilize its huge potential for nation building.

The Role Of Powerful Pillar Of State | Media

The pivotal role that the media plays in today's life has led it be known as the fourth pillar of the state along with executive, judiciary and legislature. The power of media for public perception is huge. The phenomenon has also rocked Pakistan where media outlets enjoy considerable power and influence today. However, the idea of the media being considered a pillar of the state is controversial.

Tik Tok Experimenting With Instagram Inspired Features

Tik Tok is currently working on several new features including a Discover page, a grid-like feed layout that seem to have been inspired by Instagram.

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