Ever wanted to 3D print objects but can’t afford expensive 3D printers? If your answer is yes then you’re on the right page! Today we are going to review one of the hottest techs to come out in recent years; 3D Printing Pen. 3D pens are not only fun and innovative tool, but also economical. They give you the power to 3D print anything you design from your imagination. It is a dream come true for creative minds.

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3D PEN-2 | Draw Your Dream Packaging

3D PEN-2 DRAW YOUR DREAM comes in a slim and lightweight design which makes it so easy to handle and convenient to control. This product comes with a power adapter, operation manual, pen holder and 3 different PLA filament. Its pen shaped design helps you feel more comfortable while working, which makes it an ideal choice for kids. It is suitable for DIY projects, scale models and decorative items.

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3D PEN-2 | Draw Your Dream | Items

For ease of use, it also includes an LED display that helps you read all the operation mode data clearly. Different lights indicate if the machine has power and when the pen is working. It also has stepless speed control, allowing you to change the speed and flow of the filament while drawing. It can use either PLA or ABS plastic and uses standard 1.75mm filament. 3D Pen extrudes heated plastic that cools instantly into a solid-state and stable structure. Thus, allowing you to draw with ease in 3D, freehand or on paper. It automatically shuts off when not used after a couple of minutes.

butterfly 1024x576 - 3D PEN-2 | Draw Your Dream
3D PEN-2 | Draw Your Dream

We only found two issues with this 3D pen. The supplied filaments weren’t enough and the pen lacks a power switch. You have to unplug it to turn the device off. Apart from that, it offers great value for a 3D pen in this price.

got bookmark - 3D PEN-2 | Draw Your Dream
3D PEN-2 | Draw Your Dream | 3D Printed GOT Bookmark

It is a handy device and works great for kids and people who want fun. It may not be the best 3D pen available, but for the price it provides plenty. If you’re a professional and want to make exquisite designs, this may not be the pen for you.


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