Earlier today Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan, special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Information, announced that the PM Imran Khan will be addressing the nation today.

The announcement was posted on the Twitter account of the Gov of Pakistan as well.

The address is reported to be aired at 5:30 pm PST. PM Khan is going to brief the nation about the situation and current affairs regarding the issue of Indian Occupied Kashmir.

The Indian Occupied Kashmir has been under siege of the Indian Gov and Arm Forces ever since the abrogation of Article 370 of the Indian constitution, thereby revoking the special status of the valley.

There has been a complete communication blockage and a curfew in place. The local political leadership has been under house arrest and some are reported to have been deported. A number of riots and protests have been reported.

The Indian Army has been alleged of conducting human genocide in the valley. While there is a complete communications blackout in the valley, one of the locals managed to share a footage recorded while on their way to the airport, with human blood on the streets and roads.

While the Indian Media and Gov has been putting out the narrative of having restored ‘normalcy’ in the region, the facts and reports say otherwise.

The local body of journalists are reported to have said that they are not allowed free and fair journalism. The arm forces delete any footage that they manage to shoot, thereby keeping the true stories of Kashmir in the dark. They are upset, scared and struggling to share stories to reveal the truth to the world.

The delegation of the Indian opposition leaders led by Rahul Gandhi flew to Srinagar to review the reality in the region. However, they were detained at the Srinagara Airport and sent back to New Delhi.

The members of the delegation after being sent back to New Delhi lashed out , questioning claim of “normalcy” in the Valley

“The government is saying that everything is normal here, so if everything is normal then why are we not allowed to go in.” Gandhi said.


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