Ministry of National Food Security and Research in collaboration with Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations have established ‘Food Security and Nutrition Information System (FSNIS) lab’ in order to create a data bank about agriculture research, crop outlook, output of different major and minor crops and state of nutrition in the country.

The data bank would be linked with other national and international agencies including World Food Program, World Health Organization, Planning Commission, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, Pakistan Agriculture Research Council and Meteorological Department. Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research Sahibzada Mehboob Sultan and FAO Country Representative Ms Mena Dowlatchahi inaugurated the lab which, established in the Ministry. The establishment of FSNIS would help in collecting and disseminating data about the agriculture and research under one umbrella and help timely policy intervention for the development of the agri-sector and strengthen the state of nutrition in the country.

Federal Minister for National Food Security & Research Sahibzada Muhammad Mehboob Sultana and FAO representative to Pakistan Ms. Mina Dowlatchahi inaugurated Food Security and Nutrition Information Lab in the Ministry.

The lab would also help in sharing the international best practices to promote the agriculture, address and improve the state on malnutrition with formulation of best fit polices.

Addressing the launching ceremony Food Security Minister said that government was determined to harmonize the agriculture research with the need of modern time and the information system would help to centralize the whole data under one window. He said that the information system would be fully operational by the end of current calender year and provide all related information about agriculture research, output position, stocks and domestic and international markets trends. Speaking on the occasion, FAO Country Representative said that a web based information system would be put on place which, help in crop monitoring, market monitoring, crop outlook and capacity building.

She said that FAO was providing financial and technical assisting to Pakistan for the development of its agriculture and livestock sector with special focus to enhance the income of rural population related with agriculture and livestock sectors.

She said that FAO had started livelihood initiatives in 16 districts of Balochistan and provided training to male and female farmers about livestock farming for enhancing their income as well as improving their nutation status and overcoming the malnutrition issues.


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