Dr. Ramesh Vankani , the patron-in-chief of the Pakistan Hindu Council of National Assembly declared that the Hindu community in Pakistan would observe the ‘Krishan Janam Din’ as Kashmir Solidarity Day, reports ARY News.

While making the announcement, Dr. Vankani said that he was very upset and in great sorrow to know that the Muslims in the Indian Occupied Kashmir were not allowed to offer Jumma prayers. To give a message to the world, especially to the Indians, about how open and free the Hindu community in Pakistan is regarding practicing their religion, he gave an open invitation to join him as he celebrates Krishan Janam Din with his community as Kashmir Solidarity Day.

He said that he wants the world to know that while living in a Pakistan which is a Muslim state, the Hindu community is free to not only celebrate but also perform worships in their temples openly without any fear.

He further added that he invited the Prime Minister Imran Khan to join them in their celebrations. PM Imran Khan welcomed the invitation by committing to join the Hindu community on August 31 in Shiv Mandir, Umerkot. Shiv Mandir is one of the oldest and most sacred temples in Sindhin Umerkot.

He emphasized that he wants this gesture to be a message for the world to know that the Hindu community living in Pakistan enjoys the freedom to practice their religion in open, whereas the Muslims living on the other side of the border, that is in India, are not even allowed to offer their weekly Friday prayer.


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