notokay - Things I don't like

Many a times we instead of measuring things on the scale of right and wrong, we see if we like them or not. So, I always pay intention to what I like or dislike. What I dislike most is wastage of time for I think of it as a continuous spending to be directed in some positive direction like praying, reading, or even having a good chat with family and friends. Another thing I dislike very much is someone disturbing me while I’m working. I even dislike some of my own habits and traits. One is that I get angry too often and another very serious one is that I waste a lot of time which I later regret. And there are things which I dislike but try to like them as they are necessary no matter what I feel about them especially studies. Anyhow I try to fix what I dislike in myself and try to refrain myself from acts and habits I dislike in others.


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