In this world there are some daring people who love to explore and experience new things by visiting different countries, meeting new people and learning about different cultures & traditions.

Asil Özbay is one of them, she is from Salacak, Istanbul, Turkey. She has done PHD from Marmara University. By profession she is a Sport’s Instructor at İstanbul Gedik University. Every year during her summer break she travels the world, exploring countries and lifestyles of different people.

The brave lady, Asil Özbay loves to ride her bike, she has been travelling across the globe. She was in Pakistan for few weeks. During her visit, Pakistan & its people won her heart.

Özbay said that the Pakistani people are very friendly and the food she has experienced is delicious. The amount of love and warmth Pakistani people gave here is countless and she has not received from any other country. She would love to visit Pakistan again in the future.

Previously she was visiting Iran and after-some time came to Pakistan in early July. After few weeks of stay in Pakistan, she is moving forward to India. She also has plan to visit Nepal.

Asil Özbay is a great inspiration for all those people who fear traveling alone or cant take time out from their busy schedule. Someone rightly said “To Travel is to Live”. So make time for yourself and be amazed by the beauty of the world.


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