Alexis Alford is a 21 years old girl, who was born in a small town called Nevada City, California in the United States has become the worlds youngest female to travel all the 196 countries.

She has been traveling since childhood as her parents started a travel agency when she was a little girl. Alford’s parents profession turned into a passion for her.

The more she traveled, the more curiosity she developed, to know and discover, what she has not experienced. In 2016, she got on a serious mission to travel to every single country of the world.

Latter, on May 31, 2019, Alexis set her foot in North Korea, which made her the youngest person to travel to all countries of the world. This achievement broke the Guinness world record of James Asquith, who won this title back in 2013 at the age of 24, and he joined the historical ranks of other travelers such as Cassie De Pecol, who broke the Guinness world record for being the Fastest Woman to visit all countries.

Alexis Alford at North Korea
North Korea. Photo: Lexie Alford

According to the young traveler, Alexis Alford, the world is not a scary place as it is portrayed on media now a days and every culture harbors kindness in spite of political instabilities.

You may feel quite surprised, if i tell you that she never purchased a “Sim Card” during her world travel. She believes staying in present and exploring the new places is a great privilege and an opportunity to do so, that’s the reason she never wanted to waste a singe second of it.

Some people may tag “world travel” as one of the most expensive thing to do. And knowing that someone has traveled the world, one may think that he or she might had a big sponsor.

In Alexis case, none of this is true, she worked three job and saved all the money to make her dreams come true. During her travel she got some sponsors as well but overall she covered all the expenses by herself.

Alexis Alford at Libya
Libya . Photo: Lexie Alford

As she has finally achieved her life goal, she is take some time to nourish her physical and mental health. Moreover she is writing a book, about her travel adventure all over the world.

She has been a great source of inspiration for all the solo female traveler all around the world. For her anything is possible and she believes there’s definitely more good than bad in the world.

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