lonely autumn 1024x844 - The Lonely Tree | Short Story

The lightning struck and his heart skipped a beat, hands shivered, legs trembled and mind started looking for some shelter. The passage was guarded by trees till the sight could reach but all they have was null stem.

Fret to get caught was the only companion. He gave up to be the victim of upcoming storm. But the nature had something for him; the only fruitful tree in the woods quite far away. The eyes dazzled and legs got electrified and started running to be protected.

He took refuge there for a long time. The fruitful tree did not only rescue him for the time being but they made a relationship like mutualism. The tree provided shelter and fruit to the boy and the boy was proved to be good company for the lonely tree.

The days were passing; the tree and the parasite boy were having good time. One day the boy thought of making swing on one of the tree’s branch and he did so. His thing was started from a horrible day but was getting beautiful by every passing day. But one day the little parasite observed that tree is not boring the same delicious juicy fruits as before. Moreover the tree was getting weak and feeble. It was now in danger to swing on its branches. The boy thought of his future. He looked for some backup and in meanwhile he noticed that near by a once branchless tree was getting stronger; strong enough to bear his swing and to give him fruits and the shelter.

He carried his school bag on his shoulder, looked with contempt to his weak friend and said goodbye, “it was nice time with you but now you are of no use”, and moved towards the strong, fruitful, shadowy tree.


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