As you know that today our world is standing at the edge of devastation and peace imbalancement. It is threatened with wars and worries all the time. So in this situation one should meditate for the betterment of this world. If there be peace all around, life would embrace a touch of paradise and angelic spirit would induce in humankind. How wonderful it would be to have love, harmony and unity among mankind. These are not just wishes that the Aladdin’s genie alone could fulfill. Rather it is a practical possibility that needs sincere will and coherent efforts.

Changing ourselves to resolve conflict peacefully plays a part in world peace. We need to understand our own anger, aggression and desire for revenge. We can always learn more about controlling these basics with a reasoned logical approach. We can choose to value and respect others no matter what their religion, ethnic background, class and nationality.

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We can choose to make world peace a priority and get educated. Find an international news service that avoids national bias. See yourself as a global citizen first then a member of your nation. Try to find out propaganda that becomes increasingly subtle as we become more educated. Discuss all these issues with family and friends. The average child watches thousands of murders on television before they reach their teens.

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Parents have a responsibility to teach nonviolence. Make a point of having no firearms in the household and demonstrate conflict resolution skills in your relationships. Violence in local communities can provide a foundation for conflict on a national level. You can support any strategies that assist marginalized people in your community. Violent behaviors have strong links with poverty and lack of opportunities.

Every nation needs to overhaul their education system to promote world peace and nonviolent strategies and global corporation. Education would have a strong focus on human rights, democracy, tolerance and understanding of other cultures, religions and genders. Education is a vital link to achieve a culture of peace when every person can understand global issues, respect, human rights, appreciate diversity and respect others.

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Despite criticism and mistakes the united nation has played a role in preventing or limiting wars around the world but international laws still needs improvement. These laws still need stronger backing by International courts. The UN is in a unique position to enact and enforce laws that prevent anyone supplying terrorists or repressive leaders, minimize nuclear arsenals, outlaw mines and biological weapons and propose weapons inspection of any country.

Religions have caused many wars but parts of their beliefs can promote peace and justice. The major religions should be able to make firm commitments to adopt firm positions on major conflicts. They can still do much more to promote links with each other and tolerance of other faiths.

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Poverty and injustice have clear links with war, revolution and terrorism. The west consume far more than the third world while the third world suffer much more the effects of this in terms of pollution and weather changes we can get involved in agencies promoting conservation sustainable development, equitable trade patterns, provision of food and clean water supplies.

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It is absolutely important that a person should hope and believe that peace is a possibility for it to become a reality. If no one in the world talks about peace then it will never come about. By taking this first step of convincing ourselves on the applicability of peace then we can move forward and create more concrete measures to make peace a reality. Although wars have occurred frequently in human history but it doesn’t mean that it has to be a permanent feature thereafter in our future.


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