In the hustle and bustle of life, many a times we feel offended and hurt. Our heart saddens and the joy of life is replaced with grief and sadness. Our spirit dampens and we feel as if our life is worthless, pitiful and aimless. It is during such moments we have to uplift our spirits and pump life into our hearts.

z - How To Make A Sad Heart Happy

Everyone has his own way to do so. I feel uplifted when I pray to Allah for He is then, my only hope, the only helper and the one with whom our lives and fates rest. As it is mentioned in the Holy Quran; “and the heart can find comfort only in the remembrance of Allah..”

zzzz - How To Make A Sad Heart Happy

I also try to lift my spirits in such cases by reading motivating books, doing act of kindness or service like helping my mother in her work or I just go somewhere where I’m alone and try to empty my mind of all the thoughts. Whatever is the cause or state. I always try to get out of the misery and pump back the spirit and zeal of life back into my heart.

zz - How To Make A Sad Heart Happy


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